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We talk Waterproofing with Lowe’s Home Improvement Experts

Damp, musty basements are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. In extreme cases, condensation and water intrusion can make it impossible to finish a basement. Other times, hidden moisture problems can ruin all of the work that you’ve put into finishing the space. These are problems that homeowners and Lowes Logobuilding contractors encounter regularly. Lowe’s Canada is also aware of these issues. To debunk some of the myths of basement waterproofing and to discuss current methods for controlling moisture problems, Fiona Wagner of Lowe’s talked to our waterproofing expert.

Read the Lowe’s article here: http://www.lowes.ca/articles/waterproof-a-wet-basement_a840.html

Managing Moisture Problems

If your basement floods every time it rains or if your property has a high water table, water problems are going to be pretty obvious. However, latent moisture issues are difficult to detect. McMahon cautions that minor problems can cause major damage. For example, basement drywall or paneling can be 100 percent dry on a moisture meter, but the block foundation behind it can be letting in moisture. Water follows a path of least resistance. If you simply plug the cracks in your foundation, the water will find another way to enter your home.

For best results, McMahon recommends a permanent solution, such as internal drains and external waterproofing. The best option depends on the foundation material, basement configuration and geology of the property. In many cases, waterproofing experts will excavate around the foundation, apply rubberized urethane and install a new system of weeping tiles, also called French drains, which will direct water into a sump pump and away from the building.

Basement Waterproofing

We offers a number of effective waterproofing systems that have been featured on popular home improvement shows, such as W Network’s “Love it or List it” and HGTV Canada’s “Holmes on Homes.” All of these services come with a 25-year stay-dry guarantee, and they have been successfully used by Wal-Mart, Scotia Bank and Ontario’s Pearson International Airport.

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