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Take Advantage of Toronto’s Basement Waterproofing Subsidy

Despite the fact that Toronto’s sewers were designed to withstand all storms, Toronto has been getting stronger storms, which have been brought about City_of_Toronto_Logoby rain which falls over a short span of time. This means an increase in the pressure on the sewer systems as well as overland systems of drainage. When the pressure from the storms becomes too severe, basement flooding occurs. To counter the effects of these storms, the City of Toronto Basement Protection Subsidy Program has been put in place with the aim of improving drainage systems.


What are the details of the subsidy program?

It’s always nice to receive some financial aid for a significant home improvement project, and luckily, the City of Toronto offers assistance for basement waterproofing. As of spring 2015, residential homeowners could get as much as $3,400 to fund certain qualified flood protection improvements, like storm sewer capping, severing pipes and sump pump installation.

There is a pipe severance subsidy, which extends up to $400, including labor costs, materials as well as taxes that are applicable. The sump pump subsidy is fixed at 80%, which is estimated to a maximum of $1750. This project will ease all basement flooding problems so as to improve the quality of life in the whole of Toronto.

Do you own more than one property built prior to 2009? The city’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program means you’re eligible for individual subsidies for each improvement project, and the initiative is intended to last for a few years.

Homeowners who want to apply can do so by reading the instructions and filling out the application form below.

A Waterproofing Service expert can answer any questions you have about the program and assist you with the application process. Give us a call today .


What else can be done to prevent basement flooding?

Homeowners are also cautioned to embrace practices that can help to prevent basement flooding from occurring. Such practices include refraining from pouring grease down the drain, which hampers flawless flow of water. While constructing the home, it is advisable to maintain a sloping surface away from the home for easy drainage of water away from the house. Homeowners are also advised to fix leaks that may exist in their basement and around windows. All downspouts that direct water to the sewer system should be disconnected.

Using hard surface landscaping has also been seen as a reason for the failure in the drainage system. Therefore, installing soft-surface landscaping measures will help to curb basement flooding. All paving should be porous for easy movement of water away from the home compound.


Getting the most out of your waterproofing project

Subsidies have limits; to avoid exceeding them and having to pay out of pocket, you’ll have to choose your waterproofing plan carefully.

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