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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is the first step in the repair and rehabilitation of a building after a home flood. Your home, damaged from a storm, or sewage or clean water, requires immediate attention and swift action to remove water from the affected areas. We at Waterproofing service Water Damage Restoration Services are here to help you out of this messy situation.

A home flood, and thereby the water damage, not only affects the floors and walls but also all your furniture, carpets, or anything in the path. A delay in the rectification and removal of water not only worsens the damage already caused to the property but also impairs the structural integrity of the house and leads to mold infestation.

Waterproofing service Water Damage Restoration Services specializes in emergency water restoration. We take care of the complete water restoration process from drying and mold removal to dehumidification and disinfestation.

The level of contamination of the water source categorizes water damage basically into three divisions. The source of water is usually either clean, or slightly contaminated as in the case of water from dishwashers or toilet, or highly septic as in the case of sewage water. Depending on the water contamination and the extent of damage, we at Waterproofing service come up with the best suitable water damage restoration methods for your building.

Our water damage restoration process has four fundamental steps:

Water Removal:

Removing the water, flooding the area, and locating its source is our primary goal. Pumping out the water using our high-end equipment, prevents further damage from spreading.

Moisture Mapping and Water Drying:

Moisture mapping is the technique used by our contractors to gauge the extent and spread of moisture on your property. The drying techniques used by us are confirmed to IICRC rules and standards, and would depend on the severity of the damage.

Mold Inspection and Removal:

Our contractors use special detergents to remove any mold formed by exposure to residual water. We also sterilize the area, thus setting up an unfavorable condition for mold growth in the future.


Our commercial grade Dehumidifiers removes the excess moisture in the air. The type of Dehumidifiers that we use is determined based on the region and the extent of moisture content.

Stay dry for 25 years, guaranteed!

This waterproofing system minimizes hydrostatic pressure and ensures that water stays in drains below the footing, which helps the floor and walls stay dry. As an added benefit, our services come with a 25-year transferable warranty that covers your home even if you decide to sell.

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