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How Do You Choose a Toronto Waterproofing Company?

You have a damp basement and whatever you do does not seem to be working, and worse you now have mold.  Your whole home smells musty and you really do not want to go down into your basement. You know that you need a professional waterproofing company.  So, how do you choose a Toronto waterproofing company that you can rely upon?

Well the good news is that any fixes that you pay for will be permanent and solve the problem.  The bad news is that it could be expensive if you choose the wrong kind of contractor.  This is not a job for a general builder or plumber – you need a professional waterproofing company that knows what to do and had done the job on a numerous occasions.

As well as experience, cost will be your other main criteria to make your choice.  There are others though so hop over to the internet and choose two or three waterproofing consultants that you feel may be able to cure your damp problem.  Make an appointment to see each of them and show them your problem areas.

Other criteria to help you choose the best Toronto waterproofing company.

  1. Did the waterproofing consultant arrive on time and appear prepared for your questions?  If they appeared inexperienced or did not arrive with ladders and a flashlight, then they have probably not done this many times before.
  2. Did they appear professional, neat and tidy?  You want someone that takes their business seriously.
  3. Did they appear to understand what the problem may be?  You want the expert, not some salesman who wants to close the deal.  Even worse, you do not want someone digging in your basement that does not know what they are doing.
  4. Did they look knowledgeably around your basement and outside of your house?  Did they provide all the answers your asked for?
  5. Did they appear honest and answer your questions?  If they changed the subject or deceptive when you asked more difficult questions, then do not trust them with your basement problems.
  6. Did the contractor seem willing and able to work within your budget?  You do not want the work to be unnecessarily expensive.
  7. Is your waterproofing expert offering the latest and finest products?  You want a long lasting solution that is the best that you can afford.  Do some research so that you understand what you need.

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