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How Can a Waterproofing Company Help Protect My Home?

Do you have one of the millions of houses with a basement?  Have you thought about what could happen if your basement springs a leak?  The results would be expensive and time consuming to clear up as well as very unpleasant and unhealthy for you and your family.  Even a small leak can result in mould and lose of property. What you need is a Toronto waterproofing expert to ensure that your basement is completely waterproof.

So what will your waterproofing company do to protect your home?  Well they will first of all look for the most likely way that water will enter your property.  It might be excess water pressure, your basement being below the water table or just plain damp in your basements.  They will also look for signs of mould growth, current and potential water ingress.

The most serious problem is that of a break in your foundations. This can affect your entire property, making your walls bow or lean.  If doors and windows are not fitting and your floors are sloping, the most likely culprit is your foundations.  Your Toronto waterproofing specialist may bring in a specialized foundation repair expert.  Together they will use industrial strength supports, posts and piers to firmly fix your foundations to solid soil.  This will provide your property with extra support.

Hopefully your waterproofing specialists can waterproof your basement before you have problems.  The most common method is called the French drain system.  First they will install a sump pump then dig a trench alongside the interior perimeter of your basement.  The trench, which leads to the pump, is then filled with a large pipe and filled with concrete.  The pipe collects the water, which trickles to the pump, which then pumps the water to the outside of your house.

They can also waterproof your foundations, using a hydrophobic membrane to line the interior or exterior of your foundation walls.  Obviously the interior lining is that much easier to install.  The exterior lining is usually undertaken on new builds and requires digging down to reach the foundations.  If you have frequent storms or a high water table in your area, then you should seriously consider waterproofing your foundations.

If you already have a damp basement and the resulting mold, then your local waterproofing company can also safely remove this for you.  Mold is a health hazard and can cause a variety of diseases including asthma and other respiratory diseases.

So if you have a basement in your property you owe it to your family and your finances to contact your local waterproofing company as soon as possible and get your basement waterproofed.

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