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Foundation Crack Repair: Toronto’s Foundation Experts!

If you have a wet basement or cracked foundation, contact us today, or use our foundation crack repair Online Estimator Tool, for a quick online quote (smaller crack repairs).

Foundation crack injections

Foundation crack injections are used when poured concrete foundations crack either from settlement or the expansion and contraction of the concrete. Epoxy crack injections are typically used for structural purposes while hydrophobic or hydrophilic polyurethane injections are used to seal cracks to prevent penetration of moisture or water.

Foundation Repair Services

Waterproofing service Water Solutions Corp. specializes in foundation crack repairs for both residential and commercial properties. Our foundation contractors are licensed, insured and offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Common problems include:

Bowing Foundation Walls

Over time, concrete walls may start to buckle under outside pressure. Foundation anchors on the inside of the wall will prevent any further damage by adding additional support.

Basement Floor Cracks

Concrete floors can crack by sinking into soil, or by being forced upward by the soil itself. If your floor is heaving, there is also potential for damaging the surrounding walls. We can help identify the source of floor cracks and offer you a professional solution. .

Heaving Foundations

Moisture, frost, and excess silt/clay can cause the soil underneath concrete floors & foundations to expand and cause damaging cracks. This is known as foundation heaving. Contact us today if you begin to see these types of cracks in your foundation.

Settling Foundations

Foundation settling can cause cracks and other types of damage to the exterior of your home. When the foundation sinks with the soil, your home absorbs the resulting effects. Cracked or broken exterior bricks as well as, chimney tilting are just some of the potential repercussions. However, a foundation pier system can correct this issue by transferring the excess weight deeper underground.

Foundation Wall Cracks

Wall cracks are usually a warning sign to more threatening problems with your foundation. Repairing both interior and exterior wall cracks begins with locating the primary structural problem and correcting the issue at the source. Only then, can the wall cracks be addressed.

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