Crawl Space Encapsulation, Repair and Mold Remediation

Do you have a house with a crawl space? Are your floors cold or uneven? Did you know that your crawl space could be costing you thousands of dollars and contributing to the overall health of your home?

The building materials in your crawl space can be exposed to the elements if not properly encapsulated. Ground moisture and gases can cause various issues in your home. Mold can grow if the relative humidity levels are too high, and moisture can cause your floors to buckle or warp. Also did you know that the air in your crawl space can contribute up to 40% of the air make up on the first floor of your home?

How to tell if you have crawl space moisture issues?

  • Musty smell or odors coming from your crawl space
  • Floors beginning to warp, crack or buckle
  • Noticing insects in your home
  • Signs or discolored studs in your crawl space
  • Condensation on the pipes in your crawl space

As crawl space specialists, it is our obligation to make sure your home is safe and healthy for you to live in. Waterproofing Service offers affordable solutions for your crawl space needs, from minor repairs to full encapsulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Before & After

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