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Concrete Crack Injection Sealing & Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in poured concrete occur as buildings age and settle. Once a crack forms the foundation waterproofing is compromised and may cause significant seepage issues. Typically wall cracks form around windows, (where the wall is weaker) or in corners. Although, it is very common to have cracks on all walls. Once a crack is established it will eventually run from one end to another. Either vertically from the bottom to the top of the wall or horizontally from one side to another unless injected and stopped at its current location.

Injection sealing of the crack cavity will address the problem and can be done from the inside with minimal disruption. Our approach involves drilling a series of holes every 6 – 8″ intervals along the run of the crack. Each access hole is 3/8″ in diameter, set perpendicular to the run of the crack and angled at 45 degrees so that the drilled hole crosses the crack at the approximate centre of the wall being treated thus ensuring the most effective distribution of sealant.

Metal injection ports are placed in each hole and a polyurethane resin with an expansion and drying activator is then injected with up to 6,800 PSI in the crack cavity. Once excess resin begins to emerge from the visible crack face the crack cavity has been completely filled. The resin will then set and expand to 20 times its fluid volume ensuring the crack is sealed and water tight. The same process is used for Epoxy injections although this is typically used more commonly for dry structural purposes.

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