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Causes and Solution for Damp Basement

Having a wet basement is really a troublesome situation for homeowners. It not only causes stress among homeowners, but also reduces the worth of the property. The situation clearly indicates the homeowner that his or her basement is receiving moisture. Additional signs that indicate moisture penetration in the underground room are damp spots on internal walls, peeling paint on cellar walls & floor, mould, mildew, fungus, musty odour, corrosion and rusting.

Prior to implementing a solution, homeowners should need to identify the main cause of the issue, as it is nearly impossible to solve this issue without identifying the root cause.

Here are some general causes of wet basement:


Generally, leaky roofs are responsible for moisture accumulation in the underground room. Also, blockages and clogs in downspouts and sewers move the water to flow towards the substructure. Clogged drain pipes and plumbing leaks also lead to water logging in the underground room.

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure pushes water from the encompassing soil to seep through the pores in concrete walls or floor.


Cracks in basement floor and walls are formed because of different causes, such as shrinkage, expansion, settling, hydrostatic pressure, etc. Rainwater and melting snow water seep into the ground, resulting in the soil around the house to expand and force a huge amount of pressure on foundation walls and floor. That excessive pressure results in the formation of cracks on walls and floor that eventually allow water, moisture and gases to enter the underground room.

The Solution

Regardless of the causes, the most convenient and effective way to fix the above mentioned problem, its causes and impacts is basement waterproofing. Besides waterproofing, crack repair is also an effective technique to put a stop to basement leaks.

All of the above mentioned techniques require expertise, knowledge, experience and tools that are properly operated by professional waterproofing contractors, such as our team. With more than 25 years of repairing basement foundation cracks and leaks, our waterproofing and damp proofing expertise is great.

Our echnicians specialize in repairing cracks in walls, floors & ceilings, installing weeping tile inside the underground room, adding waterproofing materials and carrying out wet basement waterproofing. The company has a reputation of triumphantly completing the waterproofing projects on time and on set budget. We have efficiently waterproofed and repaired a large number of residential, commercial and industrial properties all over Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

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